Opportunity for M&P Engineer in Montreal

2015.03.14 06:33

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Job Title: M&P Engineer
Location: Montreal, QC
Hello, all

I got an email from Linking for a position of M&P Engineer.

Fortunately, I think the position which I am very familiar since I work every day with them.

If you interested, check it out.

M&P Engineer
Location: Montreal, Canada
1. Knowledge on Metallographic working of metals (Aluminum / CRES 300 series / PH Steels / Titanium etc.)
2. Knowledge on Composites and non-metals.
3. High understanding of Heat Treatment process behavior of internal structure of metals w.r.t heat treatment.
4. Experience with different Chemical process like Chemical Conversion coating, Chromic Acid Anodize, Sulphuric Acid Anodize etc. 
5. Understanding of Galvanic Compatibility between metals. 
6. Experience with Preparing Test plans and reports for Flammability and carry out certain investigations like Inter granular attack, End Grain pitting etc. for M&P Lab.
7. Understand and able to define Finish requirement during the aircraft's warrantee period and meet customer expectations. 

Sai Koteswararao L |RMG-TAG
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Email: lakshmisetty.koteswararao@techmahindra.com