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2014.07.13 08:13

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1) powersft (administrator of this website)

2) Residence Location (or Work Locatioon); Montreal, Canada

3) Working Industry; Aerospace Manufacturing

Structural test engineer, BAEX(Bombardier Aerospace EXperimental), St-Laurent,

Montreal, Canada

4) Past experiences ; 

a) Diamond Aircraft Industry (London, ON, Canada)

b) Korean Aerospace Industry (Sachon, KyungNam, South Korea)

c) DAEWOO Precision Ind. (Boryong, ChungNam, South Korea)

5) education

a) Master of Applied Science of Mechanical Engineering (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)

b) Bachelor of Art of Aerospace Engineering (Ulsan University, KyungNam, South Korea)

6) Links;

a) (blog)

b) (Linkedin Profile)

7) ETC

a) Bulider&operator

b) Licensed Professional Engineer by PEO